The Top Iconic Landmarks in Houston

Houston Skyline

Full of energy and rich in diversity, Houston is the remarkable combination of imagination, an amazing arts and entertainment scene as well as world-class attractions.
With a vibrant economy, picturesque surroundings and a true sense of optimism and spirit amongst the city’s people, it’s no surprise that Houston ranks highly as a go-to travel destination.

Top 6 Houston landmarks:

1. Heritage Plaza 

The Heritage Plaza is one of the more famous skyscrapers in downtown Houston. Completed in 1987 and covering over a million square feet; it’s comprised of 53 stories and is the fifth tallest building in town. 
The building is famous for its stepped granite feature which resembles a Mayan pyramid. In fact, the architects designed this structure after being inspired by a trip to the Yucatan. The overall shape of the building has also been noted to resemble a Bald Eagle with its wings spread and poised for flight. 
Featuring an outstanding waterfall in the lobby, this amazing structure is not to be missed.

2. Pennzoil Place

Pennzoil Place is a striking, postmodern architectural design consisting of two mirror-image 36-story buildings. Completed in 1975, the building has won many awards for its innovative design and was even dubbed the ‘Building of the Decade’ at the time due to its dramatic sculptural silhouette. 
Constructed in a trapezoidal shape and adorned in a dark bronze tinted glass, the two structures sit only 10 feet apart at the base. A pyramid-shaped atrium connects the two buildings and in a fun optical illusion, if you stand away from the complex and circle around it, the shape of the buildings begins to visually change.

3. Bank of America Center

Completed in 1983, the Bank of America Center has been a prominent part of the Houston landscape ever since. It towers at 56 stories tall and covers a huge 1.5 million square feet of space. An adjacent 12-story structure serves as a meeting hall for the complex. 
Designed by award-winning Johnson/Burgee Architects, the building is fashioned in a neo-gothic style, reminiscent of the Dutch architecture featured in the canal houses of The Netherlands.
The red granite and glass used to cover the exterior emboldens the building; with the gabled roof top serving as a visually prominent feature.  

4. City Hall

This government center typifies the classic Texas style with fossilized limestone exterior and various friezes depicting Texan themes. Constructed from 1938-1939, it stands in delightful contrast to some of the more modern glass skyscrapers that now loom tall nearby. 
The City Hall is definitely worth a wander through; including its picturesque grounds, the Hermann Square Reflection Pond and the beautiful City Council Chambers.

5. Astrodome

The Astrodome is the perfect example of late Modernist architecture and its space-age appearance is well-suited to a city notorious for its part in the age of ground-breaking space exploration in the United States. Featuring a lucite-paneled dome, it spans 642 feet and is supported by a steel lattice covering.
Once nicknamed the “Eighth Wonder of the World” the Astrodome was built to house an entire area for sporting events such as baseball and football games. Notably, the entire interior is conveniently air-conditioned and has a seating capacity of 66,000 people.

6. Chevron Building

Formerly the Enron headquarters, this more modern architectural marvel is a 691-foot tall, 50-story skyscraper famous for its sleek and polished appearance. Completely encased in glass, the building makes for quite an elegant landmark.

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