The Top Iconic Landmarks in Orlando

Orlando Skyline


Orlando, the largest inland city in the State of Florida, USA, is one of the world’s most toured cities. Driven mainly by the presence of beautiful resorts, convention centers, and events, Orlando attracts millions of visitors yearly. Orlando is the fourth largest city in Florida and the 71st largest in the USA.


Thanks to Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center, the city is one of the busiest for conferences in the USA. The Orlando airport is also one of the most active globally, being the 13th and 29th in the USA and the World. Orlando City usually referred to as the ‘Theme Park Capital of the World,’ has 5 of the World’s Top largest theme parks.


The two most significant and most internationally recognized resorts in Orlando city are the Walt Disney World Resort owned by the Walt Disney Company and the Universal Orlando Resort, an extension of the Universal Studios Florida. Other theme parks in Orlando are SeaWorld Orlando, Legoland, and Fun Spot America. 


 Top 9 Landmarks in the Orlando:

1. Walt Disney Resort

This is a theme park located in Orange County, State of Florida, USA. It opened in October 1971 and contains Four theme parks; The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It also has 36 Disney- themed and non-Disney-themed Hotels, water parks, golf courses, a camping resort, a shopping center, and various event centers. Some of them are discussed in detail below. 

2. Spaceship Earth

The Spaceship Earth is an iconic geosphere located in Epcot, a theme park in Walt Disney World.  It opened in 1982. The sphere features a 15-minute ride where passengers go through a time-machine-themed experience. Passengers are taken through the different stages of human communication evolution, such as the invention of the alphabets, the printing press, information sharing through the mass media, and telecommunication. 

 Over the years, there have been many updates to the original storyline to accommodate the different technological advancements. As the ride concludes, passengers are engaged by being asked to design their future with the cars’ touch screens. The Epcot spaceship is a fantastic creation by the Walt Disney Imagineers, and seeing it is a worthwhile experience.

 3. Space Mountain

The space mountain is an indoor Outer space rollercoaster-themed riding experience located in Tomorrowland, a portion of the Magic Kingdom theme park, Walt Disney World. It became operational in 1975 and is the longest working rollercoaster in Florida. Over the years, different renovations and upgrades were done to maintain and accommodate newer technologies to improve users’ experience.

 4. Disney Monorail

The Walt Disney Monorail System is a public transport system used on the Resort. The monorail daily records tens of thousands of users, making it one of the world’s most used monorail systems. It started operation in 1971 with two lines but was later extended to three lines covering The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Resort. The resort has about 12 monorail trains.

 To improve the trains’ efficiency, faster switching time, and increased safety, the monorail system became automated in 2014. Before the rail lines’ automation, a co-pilot program where four passengers will sit with the pilot was in place. This happened on a first-come, first-served basis, and the passengers will be awarded a copilot award after the trip. 

 5. Disney’s Aerophile

The Disney Aerophile is a tethered floating balloon that gives an astonishing view of the city. The Helium Balloon usually floats about 400 feet in the sky, making it possible to have a clear aerial view of the Walt Disney World Resort and its environs. 

 It’s called Aerophile because that’s the company’s name that specially built it for Walt Disney. The basket attached to the ballon can conveniently carry up to 29 people plus the certified pilot.  

 6. Cinderella’s Castle

Cinderella Castle is another iconic structure located in the magic kingdom theme park of the Walt Disney World Resort. It is a real-life representation of the Cinderella fairy tale castle and the Walt Disney Logo’s symbol. 

 The interior of the castle is lined with glass murals telling Cinderella’s story. The Castle also features a boutique where a so-called princess’ makeover takes place. The makeover includes a Disney Princess’ look and all the other accessories, plus hairstyling. The Castle also has a banquet hall where children are addressed as princes or princesses and adults as lords and ladies.

7. The Seaworld Skytower

The Seaworld Sky Tower is an observation tower over 420 ft high, making it the tallest observation tower in Florida, USA. It is located in the Seaworld Orlando Theme Park and started operating in 1974. 

 8. Universal Theme Park

This theme park having several side attractions and live shows, doubles as a theme park and production studio. It commenced operation in 1990 and is known for having some of the world’s fastest and most exquisite rollercoasters. The Universal Theme Park ENtrance is one of the iconic landmarks in the state of Florida, USA.

 The Universal Adventure Island has eight themed parks featuring shows, rides, and different characters’ appearances.  Some famous movie theme parks are Jurassic Park, Skull Island, Marvel Superhero Island, The Lost Continent, etc. Years later, The Harry Porter’s Diagon Alley was later added to the set of theme parks.

 9. The Wheel at ICON park

The wheel at ICON park Orlando is a giant wheel of about 400 ft in height and formerly called the Orlando Eye. It started operation in April of 2015. The reel’s capsules are designed to give a comfortable experience when riding up to the highest peak. 


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