The Top Iconic Landmarks in San Francisco


San Francisco officially known as the City of San Francisco is a popular tourist destination with people from all over the world coming to have a taste of the fantastic summer weather, the beautiful and historic landmarks as well as the wide-ranging mix of architecture which all give rise to the large urban economy of the city.

Home to some of the biggest corporations such as Twitter, Electric Gas, Uber, Square, San Fran is also home to a great number of educational and cultural institutions including the University of California, the University of San Francisco (USF), the San Francisco Jazz Center.

Without a doubt, San Francisco leaves you with a thrill of fun, excitement, and beauty. Here are a few landmarks in the city to get to visit!

Top 10 Landmarks in San Francisco:

1. Golden Gate Bridge

Built-in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge which was described as one of the Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers is one of the most recognized symbols of San Francisco and California.

With a tourist population of over 10 million visitors each year, the 746-foot-tall (227 m) tower stands out along the San Francisco skyline with its lightning and color enhancing its beauty and visibility making it a must-visit for tourists.

2. Alcatraz Island

Located 1.25 miles (2.01 km) offshore from the San Francisco bay, the island has become a major tourist attraction with landmarks such as the ruins of the Warden’s House, the Main Cellhouse, Water Tower serving as particular interests to tourists who come to visit the National Historic Landmark.

Used in popular culture and media such as X-Men: The Last Stand and in video games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops II, the island is very popular in the city of San Francisco.

3. Fisherman’s Wharf

This popular tourist attraction is one of the busiest tourist attractions in San Francisco with attractions such as Pier 39, the Wax Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf, the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, the Cannery Shopping Center making the wharf a destination for tourists.

With regular events such as the fireworks display on the Fourth of July, and the Fleet Week air show, the wharf has also been used as a filming location appearing in the popular movie James Bond: A View to Kill.

4. Japanese Tea House

Created in 1894, the Japanese Tea House or Garden is the oldest public Japanese garden in the United States. A sacred place that represents the Japanese culture, the design of the garden is built on the principles of miniaturization, concealment, extended scenery, and asymmetry.

Although there have been subtle changes over the years the tea house maintains its Matcha tea which is the traditional tea used in ceremonies alongside other kinds of tea such as Jasmine, Sencha, Green, Genmaicha.

5. Cable Car System

The San Francisco cable car system which is an icon of San Francisco stands as the world’s last manually operated cable car system. With the majority of its seven million passengers being tourists, the cable car system is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the cable car system has two kinds of cars in rotation which are single-ended cars and double-ended cars.

6. Transamerica Pyramid Building

Located at 600 Montgomery Street in San Francisco, the 48-story building is the second tallest skyscraper in the city of San Francisco. Ranked as the 56th tallest building in the United States and the 404th tallest in the world, the building stands at 853 feet (260m) and has 48 floors.

Built in 1972, the building sits as an icon in the San Francisco skyline and is home to Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Mars Inc.

7. The Painted Ladies

Famously known as the Seven Sisters or Postcard Row, the Painted Ladies were a term used to describe groups of painted colorfully repainted Victorian houses with their history dating back to the 1960s. First used in San Francisco Victorian houses, the Painted Ladies houses are repainted in three or more colors that help to enhance their cultural details.

The most popular of the Painted Ladies is the row of Victorian houses at 710-720 Steiner Street San Francisco which has appeared in an estimated 70 movies, TV programs, and ads and is a tourist attraction.

8. Salesforce Tower

Formerly known as the Transbay Tower, the magnificent skyscraper stands at 1,070 feet (326 m) with 61 floors and is the centerpiece of the San Francisco Transbay redevelopment plan.

Built-in 2018, the building is located at 415 Mission Street and is the tallest building in the San Francisco skyline. Named as the Best Tall Building Worldwide by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat in 2019, the tower has featured both in film (Venom) and video games (Watch Dogs 2).

9. 181 Fremont

Built in 2018, the 803-foot (245 m) skyscraper is located adjacent to the Transbay Transit Center. Standing as the tallest mixed-use building in San Francisco and the third tallest building in the city, the tower contains 432,000 sq ft of office space and has 56 floors.

Boasting a private residential lobby and a full floor of exclusive amenities including a wraparound observation terrace, the residences at the tower are one of the most luxurious San Francisco has on offer.

10. Coit Tower

Built in 1933, the tower is 210 feet (64 m) tall with the tower standing atop Telegraph Hill in San Francisco’s Pioneer Park. The strategic location of the building highlights the importance of the building with a panoramic view of San Francisco including Twin Peaks, Lombard Street, Pier 39, Treasure Island, Alcatraz Island, and many others available from the tower.

Also known as the Coit Memorial Tower, the tower has featured prominently in several films including Dr. Do little, Dirty Harry, Vertigo.


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