The Top Iconic Landmarks in Washington D.C.

Washington DC, formerly known as The District of Columbia, is the capital of the USA. Named after the first president, George Washington, and the Federal District, Columbia, It is one of the cities regarded as the Capital of the World. Washington DC is not part of the 50 states of America, but it is a very significant part of the US. 

Washington has the most educated population in the United States mainly because the Federal Government is the top employer in the district. This factor constantly attracts young and ambitious people seeking political opportunities and public appointments into the city. 

Several International Organizations’ Headquarters, such as IMF and World Bank Group, Foreign Embassies, Trade Unions, Professional Associations as American Red Cross, Human Rights Campaign, etc., are located there. In addition to the political aspect, the museums and monuments situated in Washington make it one of the USA’s top tourist destinations.


Top 7  Washington DC Landmarks:

1. U.S. Capitol Building

The United States Capitol, also called The Capitol building, is where the Federal Government’s legislative arm meets to carry out its activities.  It is situated on the East of the National Mall and the most symbolic building in America. It represents what the Americans believed then and now that a government can be built by the governed’s approval, not by the actions or inclinations of a king or a dictator.  Most notable public events such as memorials services, award ceremonies to outstanding individuals, and July Fourth concerts hold here. 

The Capitol is characterized by neoclassical architectural designs originating from France and Italy. The building’s interiors are decorated with statues, paintings, and magnificent artworks, reflecting the different eras of America’s past. The major attraction of the Capitol building is its center, the Rotunda covered by the wedding-cake-styled Dome. 

2. The Jefferson Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial, ranked as one of America’s top architectural pieces, was opened in 1943. It was built in honor of Thomas Jefferson, The third president of the USA. The magnificent building’s interior holds a bronze statue of Jefferson about 19ft in height, and the walls contain different excerpts of his letters for the US declaration of Independence. 

On the other hand, the exterior is characterized by circular marble stairs, a porch, columns, and a dome. The porch’s triangular part holds a sculpture of the five-person committee who drafted the declaration of Independence of July 4. 

Many yearly events such as the Easter Sunrise Service, Memorial Services, and the National Cherry Blossom Festival are held in the Jefferson Memorial.

3. Cherry Blossoms

One of the top attractions in Washington city is the Cherry Blossom Festival, an annual event celebrating the beginning of spring. It’s symbolic of Washington’s natural beauty with its burst of life and colors. The cherry trees were a gift by the Japanese In 1912 as a symbol of friendship. 

This age-long Japanese-American friendship tradition is also a time to honor the US’s First Ladies, with Helen Taft being the first. Following first ladies have observed the flower watching spring rite annually as ceremonial chairpersons.

4. The Constitution

The US Constitution, located in the National Archives Building in Washington DC, is the Supreme Law of America. It shows the power of the Law of the Land over the Executive and Legislative actions. The Constitution is about two and half centuries old. 

The United States Constitution is known as the world’s oldest standing written government document. It has survived this long due to creating the Declaration of Independence that protects the governed’s rights and liberty. It emphasizes the fact that the US Government was created by the Founding Fathers to serve its people. A Federal Holiday was also declared to celebrate and educate America’s people on what the constitution stands for. 

5. The Washington Monument

This monument is a tall, tapered four-sided structure having a pyramid at the top, built to honor George Washington, the first president of America. The tower stands alone at about 555 feet, and It’s the world’s tallest stand-alone column making it a top tourist attraction in the city. The pyramid top consists of eight windows, two on each side, to provide a panoramic view of the whole city from the monument. The top is only accessible to visitors through an elevator.  

6. The White House

The White House is the official workplace and residence of the US President. It has been the residential building for the Presidents for over two centuries since the 1800s. George Washington was the only president who didn’t live in the white house because, at the time of his inauguration, Washington DC wasn’t the capital yet. The building was burnt during the 1812 war but was reconstructed almost immediately. 

7. The Democratic Donkey and The Republican Elephant

The American political system has had two major parties since the 1850s, the liberal democratic party, and the conservative republican party. The Donkey became a symbol of the Republican Party during the 1828 presidential campaign where Democrat Andrew Jackson decided to use the animal’s image on his posters. 

Before then, his opponents had called him a jackass, but instead of reacting negatively, he adopted the donkey as a symbol of his strong will. Jackson won the election and became the First Democratic President. Thomas Nast, often regarded as the father of political cartoons, made it famous by using it in his works.

In 1874, Nast created the political symbol of the elephant for the Republican Party. This happened after he represented the Republican Party with the elephant in one of his publications following a rumor of a possible third term by President Grant.

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